We are private debt specialists, operating at the heart of the Italian credit markets. We invest in pockets of relative value. We start by originating assets with strong fundamental value. Then we design the optimal structure to enhance the risk return profile of the investment.

Negentropy Capital Partners is an FCA licensed AIFM managing Luxembourg-based funds regulated by the CSSF.

Pursuit of absolute returns

We look for predictable returns that are uncorrelated to market volatility and deliver exceptional return for the category of risk entered.

Integrity and trust

Investing in Italian private debt delivers rewarding returns. To unlock that value you need a deep understanding of the Italian financial landscape and an intimate knowledge of the underlying assets and cash flow structure. Our impeccable reputation and strong, longstanding relationships have been built over decades of successfully structuring transactions with banks, real estate owners, companies and corporates.

Technical expertise

We are rigorous in distilling datasets into the operational and strategic pillars of a business plan. We then turn to the art of structuring the investment. Our expertise lies in creating the appropriate structure and bid price given a potential investment’s risk profile and cash flow expectations.